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In Corporate

By Shannon

Event Photography Picking Up

On 27, Jan 2014 | No Comments | In Corporate | By Shannon

dallas commercial photographer #dallasphotography
The Dallas event photography sector of my business is on the upswing. Event photography in Dallas, and Fort Worth, Texas, closely follow the ebb and flow of the general economy. And the Texas economy is flowing like an incoming tide – BUSINESS IS GOOD IN TEXAS.
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In Journalism

By Shannon

Tetra Pak Relocating US Headquarters from Chicago to Denton Texas

On 18, Nov 2013 | No Comments | In Journalism | By Shannon

dallas corporate photographer
Tetra Pak Chicago headquarters moves to Denton Texas


I was at the Denton, Texas, Tetra Pak plant today doing a charity shoot for local publication in the Denton Benefit League Tabloid, when I noticed some construction going on up front in the parking lot. As a journalist, I am always asking questions and I found out that the construction was actually demolition, and that Tetra Pak is building a new office area in preparation for the relocation of Chicago headquarters to Denton, Texas.

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Site Goes Live

On 18, Sep 2013 | No Comments | In Site Design | By Shannon

commercial photography website
I made the switch last night, and we have a new theme for this site – Shannon Drawe Photography. It has some work still needed, but I was very happy with most things about the transition. Take a good hard look at the site, and let me know if you find any cracks.

Before images are added to the galleries, they will appear here on a consistent basis. Thanks for reading, and more importantly LOOKing at my photography. I know you will ┬ábe surprised by what’s written on the “ABOUT ME” page, so have a look – ABOUT ME.

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Never Slow Down

Factory Photography and Magazine work for Texas CEO

Plenty of work to do and done. There’s more for United Copper of Denton, Texas, and some web site design work as well.
Texas CEO Magazine called again, and last week I did a shoot of author Shama at her publisher’s office in Dallas, Texas. Her book about social networking, “The Zen of Social Media Marketing,” really hits the nail on the head, and reinforces all the practices I have put into place for sites like this one. Yes, Shama, I will work on my linkedin presence! It is reassuring to know you’re doing just about everything right when it comes to web presence.

The new site for Richard Davis Sculpture was approved and is at , and once we get new content from the studio located on Lake Kiowa, Texas, replace the old images, and get the owner to contribute content in an ongoing way, this site will be a showcase for UNT Professor and Artist Richard Davis. Right now, Richard is doing some painting, and I can’t wait to document the new work.

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+Shannon Drawe


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