Stepping into the Local Photography Supply Void

Photography Supplies Denton Texas Student Pricing


For Denton, Texas, it’s a unique place to try and make a go of selling quality (QUALITY) photography equipment and supplies to an increasingly detached and fickle student body that pays so much for school that – THEY DON’T understand the need to have quality equipment to create quality work (and maybe, just maybe get a quality job on graduation). But, I figure: Why the heck not try and pass along these deals to the next generation of photographers!!!

Another thing that comes with the responsibility of finding and providing the hardware of this photography era? Knowledge, real hands-on current knowledge of what a young photographer will face when they start working, if they choose to start working, FOR REAL.

Any student can contact me any time, and I will be glad to try and answer questions about topics I have knowledge of – and find answers for topics for which I lack knowledge. How simple is this?

Today, I have four almost new Italian Manfrotto Tripods / with heads for sale at student prices! This is a stable platform for most cameras and video cameras you will use in your classes at UNT or TWU. If you are just starting out in your major, this tripod will take you through until you graduate, and Manfrotto is good about warranty on their products (that’s what I know from 30-years in this business).

At full retail, you could spend your parent’s money to the tune of (best I can decipher) $250. usd. I am letting these go for $80 while supplies last.


Call NOW FOR DETAILS 94zero-38zero-zero408 Denton, Texas.

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