Don’t Look Now!

dallas website build wordpress
Don’t look now, but there’s about to be a new theme found and installed here on this site. I know, that is exciting news isn’t it!

After a couple of years with this theme, I think the winds of change are blowing over it right now. The biggest problem I see with this design is not nearly enough showcase on the landing page – meaning I need more images to look at, at once, and more places to go to.

It may take awhile, but you can count on something smashing in the end.

Meanwhile, you may not have seen the redesign I did at That site is enjoying widespread enthusiasm and heavy traffic based on volumes of content over the years. And yes, sometimes fly fishing does get in the way of maintaining this site, but that change is also in the air. It’s pretty tough to update with posts here right now, as I am in very deep with my university photography at TWU. Seventeen years completed now for TWU, Texas Woman’s University, and I have certainly seen a lot of changes in those years. Amazing.

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