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Current Photo Projects

New Work in the Photo World

Along with a new camera comes the DSLR video capability, so don’t be surprised to see videos now in the “news” portion of the Shannon Drawe Photography site.

I’ve got some magazine covers to post, as well as the new publications at TWU that are using my photography.

Stay tuned …

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+Shannon Drawe

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University Photography Working Fast and Furious – Part 2

Photographing artists in Denton at TWU

TWU pottery class clay on the wheel

Seldom to I feel so at home in my photography as when I am lucky enough to photograph artists, art classes and in artistic environments.

+Shannon Drawe

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Here and There

Texas CEO photography Nature photography project

Corporate photography by Shannon Drawe Photography

Environmental photography by Shannon Drawe Photography

Work is still going on – stronger this month than the previous two. I am also managing to do some artwork as it finds its way to me and my awareness. The first image above is from a shoot last night for Texas CEO Magazine in Carrollton, Texas – Glazer’s.
The second image is from a new series that I started working on this year on Lake Ray Roberts. It’s an interesting place where everything is almost pristine – the shorelines, the park facilities – everything. Thing is, we all know it won’t be that way forever.
Click on either image for a larger view.

+Shannon Drawe

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New Year’s Resolution – Carry A Camera At All Times

On 06, Jan 2012 | No Comments | In Current Photo Projects | By Shannon

Photographers should always carry a camera no matter what!

It has always been a double edged sword to be a photographer. If I see something, and don’t have a camera, jeesh. Carrying a camera can be like having your entire office around your neck – all the time.

Now there’s the huge onslaught of phone cameras that are not only wiping out an entire section of the “cheap” camera market, they are popping up everywhere. Just look at the next campaign announcements – winners, losers, whatever – at the next stop for the Republican party in whatever state you choose to watch. Typically, people are stuffed in a hotel ballroom in Podunk, USA, waiting for the candidate to walk up to the lectern and give their spin on the primary outcome.

At the back of the room are the video guys, these days pretty “casually” dressed, and on the same level as the hundreds of people in front of them. The candidate walks in. Up pops a forest of arms holding phones shooting stills and video.

So, my prayers are finally answered. I just procured the new Nikon1 V1 camera, and it is nothing short of revolutionary. Small, sharp, a whole new set of lenses, accessories and just a plain sexy camera. Don’t be surprised if you see it around my neck the next time you see me – and it shoots dazzling video as well! Never a dull moment.


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Texas CEO Magazine and More

CEO Photographer Texas

Whether or not Americans feel good about themselves, and the economy, at least business is showing an upturn for me. I have done back to back covers for Texas CEO Magazine, with one yet to come out this year.

At TWU, things still seem to be clicking along, with some interesting assignments, and more to come as fall really kicks into high gear.

I’ll be shooting some fashion – “lifestyle-ish” for a company I really like – Howler Brothers out of Austin, Texas. They have hit a spot in the clothing industry that I believe will prove to be pure gold for them. Look for some images to appear here in future posts. The locations are set, but I am still trying to add to my stable of models.

#CEOphotographer #Texasphotographer +Shannon Drawe

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Redonk Does In House

In house photography for the house of Redonk

It was a good session today at Redonk Marketing in Plano today. We were getting some images of staff to enhance their site. I have been experimenting with tones for awhile, and this is one I use quite often.

#marketingphotography #inhousestock
+Shannon Drawe

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McKittrick Manuscript and Images go to Press

On 02, Mar 2011 | No Comments | In Current Photo Projects | By Shannon

McKittrick Canyon Texas trout story

The edit looked slight on my McKittrick Canyon manuscript, and we all like when that happens. It’s kind of like working for a newspaper and a great image runs as is, and large – no bloody crops! A few more images are showing themselves to me as I back through them to satisfy requests.

#flyfishing #TPWD #TU #naturephotography

+Shannon Drawe


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In The Studio With Richard Davis

On 13, Feb 2011 | No Comments | In Current Photo Projects | By Shannon

DSLR videography plus website and photography for Richard Davis Sculpture

I have been working on an ongoing project with Texas sculptor Richard Davis, at his studio in North Texas, and images plus video are starting to pour forth for his web site and in behalf of his new show opening next month in the tiny town of Saint Jo, Texas. His site is one I built for him on the wordpress platform and it is already working quite well. Be sure to check it often for my updates.

Here are a couple of images from the studio over the past two days, and videos with both still and video images should be out in about ten days.

+Shannon Drawe

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Never Slow Down

Factory Photography and Magazine work for Texas CEO

Plenty of work to do and done. There’s more for United Copper of Denton, Texas, and some web site design work as well.
Texas CEO Magazine called again, and last week I did a shoot of author Shama at her publisher’s office in Dallas, Texas. Her book about social networking, “The Zen of Social Media Marketing,” really hits the nail on the head, and reinforces all the practices I have put into place for sites like this one. Yes, Shama, I will work on my linkedin presence! It is reassuring to know you’re doing just about everything right when it comes to web presence.

The new site for Richard Davis Sculpture was approved and is at , and once we get new content from the studio located on Lake Kiowa, Texas, replace the old images, and get the owner to contribute content in an ongoing way, this site will be a showcase for UNT Professor and Artist Richard Davis. Right now, Richard is doing some painting, and I can’t wait to document the new work.

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+Shannon Drawe


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