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Rocky Photography Roads Being Repaved in 2017

Commercial Photographer Serving Dallas, Denton and Houston, Texas. #photographer #texasphotographer

Tent Rocks New Mexico Shannon Drawe

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Corporate Jets? Not a Problem!

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jet sales love field dallas texas
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Fall Campaign Underway

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commercial photographer dallas group images and head shots
Post production work continues on the fall 2014 campaign. The themes are pretty usual, but the challenges of lighting are changing with the demands of the locations. It’s great when everything has the right balance, and I can concentrate more on the complex side of post production of images – than on the actual exposure.

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Event Photography Picking Up

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The Dallas event photography sector of my business is on the upswing. Event photography in Dallas, and Fort Worth, Texas, closely follow the ebb and flow of the general economy. And the Texas economy is flowing like an incoming tide – BUSINESS IS GOOD IN TEXAS.
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You Never Know When You’ll Find a Photogenic

dallas event photographer commercial dallas
Corporate party pictures are in high demand this time of year, and while it can seem a lot like factory photography to many photographers, and drudgery to others — I still like the happy people – happy times that go with holiday and celebration. And sometimes a photogenic person bubbles to the surface, above hundreds of others.

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Headshots With a Difference

head shot photography dallas headshots
head shots for business by shannon drawe photography
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North Carolina Bound

North Carolina Factory Photography

You never know. I leave tomorrow to do a shoot in a factory in Shelby, North Carolina. It’s a gear heavy shoot, so I am driving there! It just so happens Shelby is not too far from Asheville, NC, and that’s a place I’ve wanted to see for quite some time. We will have to see if I can get away and make that happen.

Needless to say, the trip out should be scenic, and weather appears to be cooperating.

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New Work in the Photo World

Along with a new camera comes the DSLR video capability, so don’t be surprised to see videos now in the “news” portion of the Shannon Drawe Photography site.

I’ve got some magazine covers to post, as well as the new publications at TWU that are using my photography.

Stay tuned …

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Here and There

Texas CEO photography Nature photography project

Corporate photography by Shannon Drawe Photography

Environmental photography by Shannon Drawe Photography

Work is still going on – stronger this month than the previous two. I am also managing to do some artwork as it finds its way to me and my awareness. The first image above is from a shoot last night for Texas CEO Magazine in Carrollton, Texas – Glazer’s.
The second image is from a new series that I started working on this year on Lake Ray Roberts. It’s an interesting place where everything is almost pristine – the shorelines, the park facilities – everything. Thing is, we all know it won’t be that way forever.
Click on either image for a larger view.

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Seattle in Springtime

Peterbilt Seattle Washington Photo Shoot

It was a quick trip to Seattle, Washington, and back last week, one that came about due to an assignment to do some photography for PACCAR – maker of Peterbilt trucks.

Peterbilt trucks are made right here in Denton, Texas, and their location in Mount Vernon, Washington, is for testing their trucks. There are engineers in that location that put their trucks through the rigors of a million miles (the typical life of a Peterbilt) compressed into a scientifically calculated few months of truck torture.

This week has been much more quiet leading up to another shoot for TEXAS CEO Magazine next week. That shoot will be the CEO of Glazer, Shelly Stein. Maybe I can get some free samples while in their bar?

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