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In House stock photo shoot for Mosaic Design

Headed back to Mosaic this morning for more new shots for their website updates. Then, it’s a scouting mission at Texas Woman’s University for a couple of shoots coming this week.

Glad the Richard Davis Sculpture site is flying along, and that show is off the ground at the Main Street Gallery in Saint Jo, Texas. It is a great feeling to create websites like the one I did for Richard Davis, and have it all go so well, and bring him to the top of all searches for his work. Time to go fishing with Richard now that that’s done! You can see I have added a page for websites I have created on this site – Website Creation is that page.

It’s hard to go wrong with the wordpress underpinnings, and I create sites that are simple, highly visible and of course – capable of being turned over to the client for their own best use.


+Shannon Drawe

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