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I work in Dallas and all of Texas. I live in Denton, Texas, where I went to UNT and earned a degree in photojournalism, and minors in art and economic history.

Nowadays, my photographic life goals are simple; establish lasting relationships that maximize my creativity while giving you the images you need on an ongoing basis. You need to know you can go to me anytime to get the job done, and remember that no relationship is too big or too small.

Visit the news blog and contact me if you have any photography needs.

Message to Art Buyers

You’ve Seen My Work Now See Me

I appreciate your time, and know it is extremely valuable in an era when we are all tasked to do more as a reward for getting our job descriptions completed in our most efficient ways. As you can see I do a diverse amount of photography, and that’s what has kept me going all these thirty years while so many others have disappeared into the lucrative worlds of real estate, finance and other more stable professional lives. I still choose to be what I am, even at my age! And that is a photographer who is still learning, exploring technology and expanding my literary universe through professional writing, and so much more.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to working with you soon!



Denton Website Content and Hosting

Websites Made Easy What Denton website builders don’t want you to know Don’t forget about my other services. One of those is www.dentondigital.com , and that site is for people who want their own websites, and want total control of their own websites – no hostage-taking and no hidden fees. I have samples of sites …

New Macro Images for Sale

Fine Art Prints Sale Orchids I am finally doing some new art! I never thought I would say that, but these orchids are beyond words. Purple detail. Looks almost like a science fiction beast. Just changing the focus area brings new details into focus.