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New Article on Texas Fly Tying

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Shannon Drawe Photography


I just completed a photo shoot and manuscript for Lone Star Outdoor News, and it’s about all the different fly tying ¬†events that happen, almost every week, all across Texas. The editor at Lone Star Outdoor News gave me the green light, which can be a difficult thing for him, because when I write these things … well, they tend to go long.

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Editorial Trip to McKittrick Canyon in the Guadalupe Mountains

Documenting the naturally occurring texas rainbow trout of McKittrick Canyon

I made a recent journey to the Guadalupe Mountains to photograph and write about some multi-agency research being done on trout inhabiting the creek in McKittrick Canyon. It wasn’t high drama, but it did deliver some blisters to my tender feet. Sometimes writing and photography can open a few more doors that otherwise would be closed. After talking to the CEO of Trout Unlimited, that door may well be open.

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