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Tadd Meyers at Photographs Do Not Bend Opens November 14

dallas art photographer
Photographs Do Not Bend is having a book signing event at their Dragon Street Gallery November 14 from 5-9pm for Tadd Myers book “Portraits of the American Craftsman. I took note of this book, and Tadd’s work awhile back, first because it is published by Lyons Press (a big time fly fishing book publisher), and second because it is so rare to see photography categorized as “Art” that is images of living people.

So many of today’s photography art instructors, at the accredited university level, are deathly afraid of photographing people, and they react viscerally to the subject. I used to think I could set them straight, but why bother? University photography education may not provide me with viable freelance assistants, but it also provides a great deal of job security.

It’s refreshing to see images of people in their environment, especially craftsmen working their craft.

1202 Dragon St.
Dallas, TX 75207
P. 214.969.1852