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Swimming Pools at Night Not a Problem

nighttime architecture photography swimming pool photographer

pool photography

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Architecture Photography – O’neil Ford’s Little Chapel in the Woods at TWU Denton

dallas architectural photographer texas o’neil ford
O'neil Ford Architecture - TWU Little Chapel in the Woods
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Architecture Photography – Nighttime is the Right Time

architectural photographer dallas nighttime

Night Time Architectural Photography

Just a few more updates before this site goes under the knife. Had a potential client I wanted to point to some of my architectural photography, and in digging back through the news found I apparently never posted any of these to the news.

by Shannon Drawe

Nothing Quite Like The Dallas Skyline

Dallas skyline and architecture photography

Photograph of the Dallas Texas Skyline in Winter of 2011
A bluebird clear sky and nice layer of air pollution put a golden hue on this perspective (atop a 20-story building).

+Shannon Drawe