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SPORTS Photojournalism SPORTS Photojournalism Dwight Gooden by Shannon Drawe Photography Steffi Graf by Shannon Drawe Photography Girls soccer photography by shannon drawe photography MISL Rod Castro photograph by Shannon Drawe Photography LPGA Golf by Shannon Drawe Photography San Diego Chargers photography by Shannon Drawe Photography

On 20, Sep 2013 | In | By Shannon

SPORTS Photojournalism

Sports started a long time ago. On the sidelines of the University of North Texas’s athletic teams, all the sports and all the teams. It continued to California, where I was about the only one at the newspaper I worked at, who had a personal life that allowed me to spend long hours at night shooting pro sports, like the San Diego Chargers, Padres, pro tennis and golf in La Jolla, horse races ad Del Mar, and whatever else came along that no one else had the time to do. Talk about a pure shot of adrenalin!

PHOTOJOURNALISM Image number one from Veteran's Day 2011 Photography from Veteran's Day in Denton, Texas Veteran's Day in Denton Texas 2011 photography by shannon drawe photography Veteran's Day in Denton Texas 2011 photography by shannon drawe photography RA Miller photograph by Shannon Drawe about 2002

On 18, Sep 2013 | No Comments | In | By Shannon


My degree is in photojournalism from the University of North Texas. I am what you would call “old school” now. That means news really is news, and features aren’t news. It means photography that goes beyond the words in the story. It means photography that can sometimes stand alone and tell the entire story. These are novelty ideas now, just like the paper some of these images were printed on. Times change as they should. However, if the opportunity presents itself, I’ll still be there for the news of the day – my perspective on the news of the day.