Tetra Pak Relocating US Headquarters from Chicago to Denton Texas

dallas corporate photographer
Tetra Pak Chicago headquarters moves to Denton Texas


I was at the Denton, Texas, Tetra Pak plant today doing a charity shoot for local publication in the Denton Benefit League Tabloid, when I noticed some construction going on up front in the parking lot. As a journalist, I am always asking questions and I found out that the construction was actually demolition, and that Tetra Pak is building a new office area in preparation for the relocation of Chicago headquarters to Denton, Texas.

It’s hardly a surprise for me, since I long ago documented what amounts to a “land based port” located at Fort Worth Alliance. It only makes sense in the long run to center a company like Tetra Pak in a place that has notoriously cheap labor and a rock-bottom cost of living, like Denton, Texas.

Anyway, the person I was talking with marveled with me; Tetra Pak is one of Denton’s best kept secrets it seems, and has always seemed that way. I couldn’t believe there wasn’t any thing out there about this move, but this person said there’s not. Well, it’s all news to me.

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