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I ran into a young old friend today, a Mr. Jonny Carroll, who is by all accounts doing quite well in the photography, and more significantly – VIDEO – world. His work, which he always has at his side – on his phone – is nothing short of stunning and the technical challenges he has overcome in these videos is astonishing.

Of course I had to pick his brain just a little to see how he’s come so far so fast, and there’s not much new to tell (SEO still rules the day) … even though I gave him a little to think about with the old idea, I buried long ago, of doing video introductions for your photography services. He left the office with his wheels turning, and I swear I saw smoke.

We crossed paths at a new camera store in Denton, Texas, Denton Camera Exchange, and we were both shedding some camera gear. He left a 400 f.2.8 for rental and I left behind a long list of film related items – Hasselblad, Nikon, and 4×5 film items. If you get a chance, be sure to visit Denton Camera Exchange. It’s a very cool location, and although there’s no website yet (yeah, I hounded them on that), I am sure they will come around to that soon.

And speaking of websites, I am about to take the knife to this site, and throw a new theme on top of this dinosaur and ride it around the internet once or twice just to see it sweat. So don’t be surprised if things look off kilter for a few days in the next week or so, and remember, “The Problem is not in Your TV Set!”

Jonny has a lot to offer the business community when it comes to aerial videography, including a drone helicopter and full scale helicopter video as well. I have seen the work, and while it is still private for awhile, it will absolutely blow your mind.

But wait, let’s talk about me! If you don’t remember, I am a huge proponent of wordpress, and that is the driver of this site, as well as several other sites I have built for myself and clients. It is the de facto leader when it comes to getting a photographer off the ground quickly and allows for constant feeding of content into the site and social media feeding off the site. While the search has been long and arduous for the next great theme for Shannon Drawe Photography, I think we have settled on a theme by Undsgn called “Studiofolio.” There is absolutely nothing intuitive about the theme, and I have been burning the midnight oil testing it on another ghost site.

by Shannon Drawe

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