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In Corporate

By Shannon

Headshots With a Difference

On 19, Sep 2013 | No Comments | In Corporate | By Shannon

head shot photography dallas headshots
head shots for business by shannon drawe photography
Headshots, or head shots, are not something I tend to phone in when it comes to quality and creativity. That means I pay special attention to exactly how you look with the studio lighting I bring to your location for creating head shots. If photographed correctly, you won’t be begging for Photoshop, or “touchups.” I am a photographer from the film era, and that means I do the best job I can before the image lands on the digital sensor. Sure, we may have to do a little here and there, but not much. Not if it’s done right. Professional’s time has value, and so does mine. You don’t want to wait for time consuming retouch, and I don’t want to spend hours in front of a computer. That’s why I get it right from the start. The big bonus to my head shot photography is that I come to your location. There’s no need for the higher cost of you coming to my studio, when I can come to you. I also regularly build time into a one or two day shoot for setting up for as many different employee’s head shots as you need.

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