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Spectacular Images from Banff Canada

On 20, Sep 2013 | No Comments | In Personal Projects, stock | By Shannon

dallas texas travel photographer
Canada-banff-shannon drawe photography

I always wanted to use that word – spectacular! It’s fascinating to watch photographers Read more…

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In stock

By Shannon

Stocking Up on Stock Photography

On 02, Jul 2012 | No Comments | In stock | By Shannon

Nighttime photography Denton Square Denton Texas

Downtown Denton Historic Courthouse on the Square 2012

I had a request in the last few weeks for local stock photography, which is something I have had financial success with for more than fifteen years. Over that time the cameras have changed, and the subjects have changed as well.

Nowadays, a place like the classic Square in Downtown Denton, Texas, has more traffic, the lighting on the Courthouse has changed, traffic lights have changed, and even the landscape has changed. Upgrades to the things altered by construction crews are more obvious than the fact hedges, plants and trees have grown pretty much uncontrolled – where planted, and where left – on the Square.

Of course my stock photography has a more populist slant with images at iStock and other stock agencies online.

#historicalphotographer #photojournalism
+Shannon Drawe

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In stock

By Shannon

Nothing Quite Like The Dallas Skyline

On 28, Jan 2011 | No Comments | In stock | By Shannon

Dallas skyline and architecture photography

Photograph of the Dallas Texas Skyline in Winter of 2011
A bluebird clear sky and nice layer of air pollution put a golden hue on this perspective (atop a 20-story building).

+Shannon Drawe

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By Shannon

Stock Images From Past Weekend

On 17, May 2010 | No Comments | In stock | By Shannon

New Texas Stock Photography

As luck would have it, I was in one place doing one thing, and ended up doing something entirely different. Love the location and the old boat dock. There will be a series to follow sometime in the future, but really want to get back to this place to do some winter work.

+Shannon Drawe


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