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Site Design

New Website for A&P Vintage Trailer Works

On 28, Jan 2014 | No Comments | In Site Design | By Shannon

dallas website design photography #dallasphotographer
I finished and took live a new website for company A&P Vintage Trailer Works late last week, and turned it over to the owners so they can continue to flesh the site out.
denton digital website design
It’s a wordpress site which are easy to control and add content to – and are very well liked by search engines. Maybe that’s how you found me? The business of website building for Denton, Dallas and Fort Worth (I do the small jobs the big dogs don’t want), is at
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Site Goes Live

On 18, Sep 2013 | No Comments | In Site Design | By Shannon

commercial photography website
I made the switch last night, and we have a new theme for this site – Shannon Drawe Photography. It has some work still needed, but I was very happy with most things about the transition. Take a good hard look at the site, and let me know if you find any cracks.

Before images are added to the galleries, they will appear here on a consistent basis. Thanks for reading, and more importantly LOOKing at my photography. I know you will ┬ábe surprised by what’s written on the “ABOUT ME” page, so have a look – ABOUT ME.

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The Build Begins – New Website Look for Shannon Drawe Photography

On 13, Aug 2013 | No Comments | In Site Design | By Shannon

Don’t blink! Okay, you can blink, and probably sleep on the fact that this site is about to go under some radical changes. For all its goodness, the theme design and bugs that have dogged this photocrati site since the beginning, are about to be abandoned.

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Don’t Look Now!

On 13, Jun 2013 | No Comments | In Site Design | By Shannon

dallas website build wordpress
Don’t look now, but there’s about to be a new theme found and installed here on this site. I know, that is exciting news isn’t it!

After a couple of years with this theme, I think the winds of change are blowing over it right now. The biggest problem I see with this design is not nearly enough showcase on the landing page – meaning I need more images to look at, at once, and more places to go to.

It may take awhile, but you can count on something smashing in the end.

Meanwhile, you may not have seen the redesign I did at That site is enjoying widespread enthusiasm and heavy traffic based on volumes of content over the years. And yes, sometimes fly fishing does get in the way of maintaining this site, but that change is also in the air. It’s pretty tough to update with posts here right now, as I am in very deep with my university photography at TWU. Seventeen years completed now for TWU, Texas Woman’s University, and I have certainly seen a lot of changes in those years. Amazing.

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Photography and Website Build for Bolivar Street Gallery in Sanger, Texas

On 07, Feb 2012 | No Comments | In Artists, Site Design | By Shannon

The value of a good solid website

Bolivar Street Gallery website by Shannon Drawe Photography

I always appreciate a client who knows the value of good (website) design –, and also realizes the value good photography plays in the overall look of their website. Here are some images of art available at the Bolivar Street Gallery in Sanger, Texas.

Gallery Website Design by Shannon Drawe

Bolivar Street Gallery website design Shannon Drawe Photography Denton Texas

I made these off the cuff – natural light, while doing the website orientation for the gallery owner at the same time. Studio quality copy work of artwork, looks and feels quite a bit different than this, but it works to show what the gallery is all about.

#artphotography #galleryphotographer
+Shannon Drawe

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Website Build Underway

On 22, Jan 2012 | No Comments | In Site Design | By Shannon

Building websites

There is this great new gallery in Sanger, Texas, called the Bolivar Street Gallery, and I am working on their website now. It’s at Take a look now, and keep an eye on it as we slowly put the meat on the bones of this site.
I am amazed at how few good site designers there are working in Denton! It’s really a wide open market from what I can see, and this year is going to be great for website building as well as photography.

Research continues into just who the stars are in the Dallas advertising, marketing and public relations markets are. It looks like a subscription to Dallas Business Journal is in order.


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Never Slow Down

Factory Photography and Magazine work for Texas CEO

Plenty of work to do and done. There’s more for United Copper of Denton, Texas, and some web site design work as well.
Texas CEO Magazine called again, and last week I did a shoot of author Shama at her publisher’s office in Dallas, Texas. Her book about social networking, “The Zen of Social Media Marketing,” really hits the nail on the head, and reinforces all the practices I have put into place for sites like this one. Yes, Shama, I will work on my linkedin presence! It is reassuring to know you’re doing just about everything right when it comes to web presence.

The new site for Richard Davis Sculpture was approved and is at , and once we get new content from the studio located on Lake Kiowa, Texas, replace the old images, and get the owner to contribute content in an ongoing way, this site will be a showcase for UNT Professor and Artist Richard Davis. Right now, Richard is doing some painting, and I can’t wait to document the new work.

#magazinephotographer #factoryphotographer
+Shannon Drawe


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New Image From UNT College of Education Shoot

On 14, May 2010 | No Comments | In Site Design | By Shannon

New photography gallery

College of Education Poster Series in House

Just added a new image from a shoot for the University of North Texas College of Education. I had plenty of cooperation on this one, and the image is fully released for stock photography as well.

+Shannon Drawe

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Site Taking Shape

On 13, May 2010 | No Comments | In Site Design | By Shannon

dallas commercial photographer houston
It doesn’t look too much unlike the previous site, but it is much easier to manage and move images around. There are shortfalls – not much in the way of “whizz-bang” effects or bells and whistles, but it gets to the point with little fanfare. Enjoy and feel free to put through the paces.

+Shannon Drawe

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Putting Flesh on the Bones

On 30, Apr 2010 | No Comments | In Corporate, Site Design | By Shannon

New design website taking shape

It has been about 24 hours since the site went under the knife, and although I “like” the wordpress theme, there’s absolutely nothing intuitive about how the slideshows appear in the actual site. So, I am tinkering with the slideshows trying to get them to line up and work well at the same time.

Eventually I will have to go in and replace most of the images with larger ones – just because they look and work so well.

+Shannon Drawe

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