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Magazine Inside Outtake

houston magazine photographer
Outtake - Texas CEO Magazine
There’s nothing like having access to photograph top executives who have had the wisdom and experience necessary to succeed in the US economy. This image is an outtake from a shoot for Texas CEO Magazine last week. I have a couple of covers to scan and post from Texas CEO and TWU publications in the coming days and weeks.

Now For Something Brand New (or Some New Branding)

Step back in time Lowbrow’s Pilot Point Texas

Discussing events with Bob at Lowbrows
Talking with Bob at Lowbrow’s in Pilot Point, Texas, last night.

One thing lead to another at Lowbrow’s in Pilot Point, Texas, and now I am involved with creating and promoting two events for the most authentic saloon still standing. We are looking at creating the first ever “Lowbrow’s Octoberfest” in October, and a fishing tournament next spring. Lowbrows is close to one of the best kept secrets in North Texas – Lake Ray Roberts.

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Maya Angelou at TWU

Photographing Maya Angelou TWU

Maya Angelou speaks at Texas Womans University
Some people just give you goose bumps. When Maya Angelou took the time to ask my first and last name, phonetically sounding out the last, that was one of those times. Words. Words … names … have meaning.

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+Shannon Drawe

RA Miller Folk Artist

RA Miller folk artist photograph

I have been passively looking for an image I made of RA Miller, a Georgia folk artist, around about 2002 or 2003. It was the “good old days” of square shooting Hasselblad, and darkroom printing. If you are unfamiliar with either, well then you youngsters may have just missed an important ingredient in your ed-u-cation.

RA Miller photograph by Shannon Drawe about 2002

Mr. Miller is long gone, but you can see his work in all kinds of places. There was a treasure trove of his work at a place in Dallas (Lakewood), Texas, called Curiosities. Count yourself lucky if you have some of his folk art.

+Shannon Drawe

Veteran’s Day Photograph – 5

Veteran’s Day Photography 11/11/11

Last image from Veteran’s Day 2011, on the Square in Downtown Denton, Texas.

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Veteran’s Day Photograph – 4

Photojournalism Veteran’s Day 11/11/11

Soon enough, the young strong eyed hard bodied troops will age gracefully, and be part of their own band of brothers, with stories to tell and left untold.

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Veteran’s Day Photographs – 3

Veteran’s Day in Denton Texas

A tough image to make with the flags constantly blowing, but I just admire their dedication, and the diversity of people serving our country in the twenty-first century. Plenty of young people could learn something about leadership from these folks – and they will some day.

It’s only a matter of time before these become the early images of congressmen, senators, presidents and corporate executives. And when I say, “matter of time,” I mean a short time. Obviously universities like Texas Woman’s University, and the University of North Texas recognize that their best and brightest come from these ranks, and are actively pursuing veterans for their student body.

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Veteran’s Day Photographs – 2

Principles of photojournalism covering Veteran’s Day in Denton

Photographing someone from behind has to have a reason in photojournalism. So many times, new students in photography are simply afraid to be seen, in front, showing faces and getting that image. I always tell them, once you have that, go for the unusual – something like this image from Veteran’s Day 2011 – 11-11-11.

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Veteran’s Day Photographs

Veteran’s Day on the Square in Denton Texas

There’s not a lot of good old school photojournalism left in journalism anymore. Out of fashion I guess, as newspapers and news outlets become focused on Dancing With The Stars and the latest weight loss trend.

Veteran’s Day 11-11-11

Once in Forever Veteran’s Day 11-11-11

There will be a lot of noise and a lot of people on the Square in Downtown Denton, Texas, tomorrow. I was talking to a local businessman and Vietnam veteran yesterday, on the location of another shoot related to 11-11, and he said there’ll be a Huey fly over. So that unmistakeable thump will just add to the feelings running through the dense crowds expected to converge on the Square.

I will be working there as well, and it will be great to be back in circulation with that crowd – doing my thing.
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+Shannon Drawe