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Dallas Headshots and Business Photography

Dallas location headshot photography

Don’t forget to check in with me via the contact page, if you are in need of location headshots – that is headshots for your business at your location, or environmental photography of your business and people at work. I make special arrangements for companies needing to revamp their entire staff head shot artwork, and my rates are still extremely competitive – even at your location. Save time and money by contacting Shannon Drawe Photography today.

I’ve been doing it for years, and with the upswing in the economy, you want to be ready to bring new business to yourself with exciting FRESH and creative new images for your assets.


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In Corporate

By Shannon

On Location – Interphase, Plano, Texas

On 11, Jan 2012 | No Comments | In Corporate | By Shannon

Interphase photographyShooting on Location in Plano Texas


It was a good day of shooting yesterday at Interphase, and the creative team from Rednok Marketing made everything go smoothly – as usual. The folks at Interphase certainly were cooperative as we virtually took over the place.

Today it was to the American Airlines Center to scout a potential shoot of the luxury suites, and other locales in the AAC. It was pretty impressive, even in the dark. I took along my new Nikon1 V1, and it performed like a champ. That camera is my new permanent jewelry. Love it. Nothing beats working for Bloomfield Knoble and Redonk Marketing – business friends.

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Redonk Does In House

In house photography for the house of Redonk

It was a good session today at Redonk Marketing in Plano today. We were getting some images of staff to enhance their site. I have been experimenting with tones for awhile, and this is one I use quite often.

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+Shannon Drawe

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Back and Forth

In House stock photo shoot for Mosaic Design

Headed back to Mosaic this morning for more new shots for their website updates. Then, it’s a scouting mission at Texas Woman’s University for a couple of shoots coming this week.

Glad the Richard Davis Sculpture site is flying along, and that show is off the ground at the Main Street Gallery in Saint Jo, Texas. It is a great feeling to create websites like the one I did for Richard Davis, and have it all go so well, and bring him to the top of all searches for his work. Time to go fishing with Richard now that that’s done! You can see I have added a page for websites I have created on this site – Website Creation is that page.

It’s hard to go wrong with the wordpress underpinnings, and I create sites that are simple, highly visible and of course – capable of being turned over to the client for their own best use.


+Shannon Drawe



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In Corporate

By Shannon

Mosaic Gets a Head(shot)

On 19, Jan 2011 | No Comments | In Corporate | By Shannon

Dallas in-house stock photography for businesses is very economical and original photography

One long term client that has been quite friendly over the years is Mosaic in the Las Colinas – Irving area of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Apparently their headquarters in Canada is updating the site, and needed new headshots of the top execs. for that update. It took a few days to wrangle everyone, and included treks through typical Texas winter weather, but we finally got this one done.

+Shannon Drawe

Anderson Merchandising Denton Texas

Industrial Photography for Anderson Merchandising in Denton, Texas.

Anderson Merchandising

Corporate Photography Denton Texas Denton Commercial Photography

Some nice images for Anderson Merchandising here in Denton, Texas. They were, of course, very happy with the results, and this group will end up in the site eventually – after things slow down a bit.

+Shannon Drawe

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Putting Flesh on the Bones

On 30, Apr 2010 | No Comments | In Corporate, Site Design | By Shannon

New design website taking shape

It has been about 24 hours since the site went under the knife, and although I “like” the wordpress theme, there’s absolutely nothing intuitive about how the slideshows appear in the actual site. So, I am tinkering with the slideshows trying to get them to line up and work well at the same time.

Eventually I will have to go in and replace most of the images with larger ones – just because they look and work so well.

+Shannon Drawe

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