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Commercial Photography

Hiring a Professional Photographer

At first glance, it has never been so easy to hire a pro photographer – especially in a small city like Denton, Texas.

The truth is there really aren’t that many professional photographers still standing – in Denton, Dallas or the DFW Metroplex. There ARE a lot of people with digital cameras who call themselves professional photographers, but what really is the definition of a “professional photographer” today.

A professional photographer has a few things that separate them from those who call themselves professional photographers. Originally, a professional photographer had at least one of the following assets that qualified them for the profession:

  • An Education
  • Experience
  • Talent
  • Skills

Now? All that is required is a camera, and … well, not much else. If that is satisfactory for you, you should stop reading now.

So how do YOU KNOW who it is you are looking at hiring to represent your brand, your company, your startup, your small business, your dream or vision?

  • LOOK – at a photographer’s work, the work you find here
  • READ – who is the person behind the camera?
  • TALK – talk to the photographer! Speak about your needs, and listen for theĀ responses that come with experience.

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Images Selected for Thin Line Film Festival Photography

On 25, Apr 2017 | No Comments | In Commercial Photography | By Shannon

Thin Line Selects Four Images from “Kill Your Television” series

Thin Line Photography Selection
It was a great weekend to be out and about in Denton, and seeing the photography selected this year for Denton’s growing Thin Line Film Fest. Read more…

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Google Street View Virtual Tour Certified Photographer

google street view virtual tour certified trusted photographer denton tx

Just to let the locals know, I am your go-to if you are interested in having google for your business contain a virtual tour of your location.

I think they (Google) may be handing these certifications out like candy, but if you know me, and have done business with me over the past 29 years, then why not give some thought to doing a virtual tour of your business — and I’m your guy.


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Industrial Photography for ACT Parts

On 17, Feb 2015 | No Comments | In Commercial Photography | By Shannon

dallas photographer #industrialphotographer #commercialphotographer
industrial parts photography engine rebuild kit

A few parts were needing to be photographed for ACT Parts at their warehouse in Dallas, Texas. This is one sample of the industrial work I do for companies – on small and large scale. The inner landscape of warehouses, and how they work, fascinates me, but it all comes down to the smallest parts on all those shelves.
Read more…

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Fall Campaign Underway

commercial photography university photographer #dallasphotographer #houstonphotographer
commercial photographer dallas group images and head shots
Post production work continues on the fall 2014 campaign. The themes are pretty usual, but the challenges of lighting are changing with the demands of the locations. It’s great when everything has the right balance, and I can concentrate more on the complex side of post production of images – than on the actual exposure.

Read more…

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New Projects Abound This Spring

dallas commercial photographer in texas

New photography projects are coming from all directions and in all flavors these days.
Stay tuned for a snippet of a new video project about a local artisan. Stay tuned for a comprehensive editorial project expected to last several years, and a third project that is completely off the wall in every way.

The most interesting and commercial project comes attached to a UNT Ad Design student who did a fantastic job on her concept and getting everything lined up as far as the three photo shoots on three locations in the Denton, Texas, area.

I will wait for the final product to show you how the photography and typography turned out … I bet it will be great.

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