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University Photography Working Fast and Furious – Part 1

On 08, May 2012 | No Comments | In higher education | By Shannon

Candid journalism for TWU Promotions

TWU dance class caught in action outdoors at Texas Woman's University Denton Texas

As you can see from my already existing work on, there’s a lot of work demanded and delivered to Texas Woman’s University. The university photography thing comes as second nature to me having worked as “The University Photographer” for the University of North Texas right before graduating from there, and both schools have called on me over the years. UNT is chock full of photography staff now, so there is no reason for them to call (that’s were all the big buck tuition goes these days – faculty and staff expenses), but TWU has been steady for something like seventeen years.

Anyway, this is the first of at least twenty photo posts showing the photography work that has been going on with TWU in the past few weeks.

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+Shannon Drawe

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Maya Angelou at TWU

On 28, Mar 2012 | No Comments | In Editorial Photography | By Shannon

Photographing Maya Angelou TWU

Maya Angelou speaks at Texas Womans University
Some people just give you goose bumps. When Maya Angelou took the time to ask my first and last name, phonetically sounding out the last, that was one of those times. Words. Words … names … have meaning.

#mayaangelou #TWU
+Shannon Drawe

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Here and There

Texas CEO photography Nature photography project

Corporate photography by Shannon Drawe Photography

Environmental photography by Shannon Drawe Photography

Work is still going on – stronger this month than the previous two. I am also managing to do some artwork as it finds its way to me and my awareness. The first image above is from a shoot last night for Texas CEO Magazine in Carrollton, Texas – Glazer’s.
The second image is from a new series that I started working on this year on Lake Ray Roberts. It’s an interesting place where everything is almost pristine – the shorelines, the park facilities – everything. Thing is, we all know it won’t be that way forever.
Click on either image for a larger view.

+Shannon Drawe

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Seattle in Springtime

Peterbilt Seattle Washington Photo Shoot

It was a quick trip to Seattle, Washington, and back last week, one that came about due to an assignment to do some photography for PACCAR – maker of Peterbilt trucks.

Peterbilt trucks are made right here in Denton, Texas, and their location in Mount Vernon, Washington, is for testing their trucks. There are engineers in that location that put their trucks through the rigors of a million miles (the typical life of a Peterbilt) compressed into a scientifically calculated few months of truck torture.

This week has been much more quiet leading up to another shoot for TEXAS CEO Magazine next week. That shoot will be the CEO of Glazer, Shelly Stein. Maybe I can get some free samples while in their bar?

+Shannon Drawe

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Still Love My Ring Light For Fashion

On 14, Feb 2012 | No Comments | In Fashion Photography | By Shannon

Fashion photography with favorite ring light

rescued sweaters photographed today for Cimarrona
This one is as good as sold! Available at A vintage sweater photographed with ring light.

My fashion roots run deep and long (thanks, you know who you are), and here I find myself into it on a local, as in the house, level. Here are some fantastic sweaters I shot for this evening using my ring light. It’s hard to escape just how good clothes, and edgy fashion photographs look using ring lights. Sure, it goes in and out of style, but after ten years of occasionally using this light, I still like whipping it out now and then!

rescued sweaters photographed tonight for Cimarrona
Another vintage sweater saved from the cutting table at
rescued sweaters photographed tonight for Cimarrona
This sweater just sings with ring light lighting, looking almost like an X-Ray or ghost image. Available at

#clothingphotography #fashionphotographer +Shannon Drawe

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Photography and Website Build for Bolivar Street Gallery in Sanger, Texas

On 07, Feb 2012 | No Comments | In Artists, Site Design | By Shannon

The value of a good solid website

Bolivar Street Gallery website by Shannon Drawe Photography

I always appreciate a client who knows the value of good (website) design –, and also realizes the value good photography plays in the overall look of their website. Here are some images of art available at the Bolivar Street Gallery in Sanger, Texas.

Gallery Website Design by Shannon Drawe

Bolivar Street Gallery website design Shannon Drawe Photography Denton Texas

I made these off the cuff – natural light, while doing the website orientation for the gallery owner at the same time. Studio quality copy work of artwork, looks and feels quite a bit different than this, but it works to show what the gallery is all about.

#artphotography #galleryphotographer
+Shannon Drawe

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Dallas Headshots and Business Photography

Dallas location headshot photography

Don’t forget to check in with me via the contact page, if you are in need of location headshots – that is headshots for your business at your location, or environmental photography of your business and people at work. I make special arrangements for companies needing to revamp their entire staff head shot artwork, and my rates are still extremely competitive – even at your location. Save time and money by contacting Shannon Drawe Photography today.

I’ve been doing it for years, and with the upswing in the economy, you want to be ready to bring new business to yourself with exciting FRESH and creative new images for your assets.


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RA Miller Folk Artist

On 25, Jan 2012 | No Comments | In Artists, Editorial Photography | By Shannon

RA Miller folk artist photograph

I have been passively looking for an image I made of RA Miller, a Georgia folk artist, around about 2002 or 2003. It was the “good old days” of square shooting Hasselblad, and darkroom printing. If you are unfamiliar with either, well then you youngsters may have just missed an important ingredient in your ed-u-cation.

RA Miller photograph by Shannon Drawe about 2002

Mr. Miller is long gone, but you can see his work in all kinds of places. There was a treasure trove of his work at a place in Dallas (Lakewood), Texas, called Curiosities. Count yourself lucky if you have some of his folk art.

+Shannon Drawe

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Website Build Underway

On 22, Jan 2012 | No Comments | In Site Design | By Shannon

Building websites

There is this great new gallery in Sanger, Texas, called the Bolivar Street Gallery, and I am working on their website now. It’s at Take a look now, and keep an eye on it as we slowly put the meat on the bones of this site.
I am amazed at how few good site designers there are working in Denton! It’s really a wide open market from what I can see, and this year is going to be great for website building as well as photography.

Research continues into just who the stars are in the Dallas advertising, marketing and public relations markets are. It looks like a subscription to Dallas Business Journal is in order.


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Looking For Love In All The Right Places

Targeting Dallas Marketing Agencies

Get ready, because I may be knocking on your door, cubicle wall, or other human container very soon.

The search for viable targets in the Dallas marketing agencies category certainly leads to … some exceptional marketing of the marketing agencies. I may be a bit slow on the uptake, but I am certainly impressed to the point of reading further – articles like “The End of Link Building as We’ve Known and Loved It” brings to light changes I observed in my website creation last year. The Google formula has changed for the better – incredibly better. That article is published by SQ1, an agency that, while it doesn’t appear to employ photographers, is an important read for those of us in the website design and marketing of those sites on a micro scale.

I would have to be living under a rock to not know the size, scope and power of The Richards Group in Dallas, Texas. Although I have been in to talk to art buyers there, it was during the dark times of 2008-2009, when new dynamics were sweeping through the entire US ad media landscape. Frightening was the general vibe. What a great place with a site that opens with my mantra, “Let’s Go Have Fun.”

Digging into the search further, and the focus is definitely on marketing via web > social networking > blogging and e mail marketing. Whether or not an agency like Agency Entourage is interested in integrating photography / video into their overall plans, it would seem like a logical step in adding value and services. So many people don’t have the first clue about how to feed their beast of a site for the benefit of themselves and others.

It certainly is creatively refreshing to peruse sites like Duncan Day and the sidebar in their blog contains plenty of great retweets related to the business of media.

Somewhere else along the spectrum is ACC Agency, which definitely has a more modest look, but certainly delivers on the creative side. Anyone who takes the time to consider the ramifications of the Weinermobile has to be good.

So many agencies seem to be short-changing their clients, with the generic stock images these days. It’s not like the clients can’t afford quality photography, if they can afford quality agencies! I have plenty of stock images that sell, but they have always been in pretty innocuous categories. Live by the sword. Die by the sword.

I do like the diversity and realism of the imaged Triad Business Marketing uses for their clients like Alcoa, Huck and LeTourneau.

These agencies talk a lot about targeting, and it makes me wonder just how often they are targeted – by photographers. It certainly is a worthwhile exercise in search and targeting for the new year. I will be taking a look at the smaller markets, and drilling down to the smallest market right here in the home town. Dallas is certainly next door, but I wonder what Houston has to offer?

All I know for sure is, every day is a winding road.

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