Stocking Up on Stock Photography

Nighttime photography Denton Square Denton Texas

Downtown Denton Historic Courthouse on the Square 2012

I had a request in the last few weeks for local stock photography, which is something I have had financial success with for more than fifteen years. Over that time the cameras have changed, and the subjects have changed as well.

Nowadays, a place like the classic Square in Downtown Denton, Texas, has more traffic, the lighting on the Courthouse has changed, traffic lights have changed, and even the landscape has changed. Upgrades to the things altered by construction crews are more obvious than the fact hedges, plants and trees have grown pretty much uncontrolled – where planted, and where left – on the Square.

Of course my stock photography has a more populist slant with images at iStock and other stock agencies online.

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+Shannon Drawe

Back at TWU – T. Boone Pickens Building Dallas

photography of T Boone Pickens Building TWU Dallas

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University Photography Fast and Furious – 10

Promotional photography TWU Denton Texas

Outdoor student study image on the campus of TWU
The weather happened to cooperate on this image, as bright sun would have been impossibly contrasty, hard to balance, and blown the highlights. Angle, position and location of this image are what makes it work for me, and TWU.

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+Shannon Drawe

University Photography Part 8

Photography of Professors teaching at TWU

Blackboard image for TWU Fall Campaign 2012
One of my favorite shots from this year’s campaign – so far. Angle plus a more interesting lighting scheme make for images that stretch convention, and draw the reader in to the image more readily.

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+Shannon Drawe

TWU Ad Photography Campaign Continues

Big production photography for TWU marketing stock photography

University Classroom Shot for TWU 2012
Photography inside TWU’s classrooms can be challenging.

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University Photography TWU – 7

International students photography at TWU

Fall advertising campaign Texas Woman's University
Another image for TWU’s campaigns coming soon.

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+Shannon Drawe

University Photography TWU – 6

TWU photography in Denton

TWU Student at Ann Stewart Science Building

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University Photography Fast and Furious -5

Photography for TWU Denton

TWU student outdoors

Here are the beginnings of more images from TWU.

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University Photography Fast and Furious – Part 4

Selfie gets selfied candid photography

Outdoors Having fun at Texas Woman's University Denton Campus

Being a university life photographer leads to different situations with every shoot booked. It can be indoors and freezing cold, and outdoors in the blazing sun. Regardless of the weather, I have to be there with the right equipment for every situation. This was shot just before the annual golf car parade began.

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+Shannon Drawe

Fast and Furious University Photography – Part 3

Photography of art classes TWU Denton Texas
Drawing class at Texas Woman's University

Fortunately the drawing class was clothes on as I wandered in looking for subject matter to photograph. Apparently the nude model called in sick that day, and therefore made my day.

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+Shannon Drawe