Summer Photography in Denton Texas

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Editorial photography - Scott Sommerlatte
There never has been much going on summers in Denton, Texas. In fact they roll up the streets and turn the traffic lights to permanent blink – at least some of them … they used to anyway.

It is an obvious opportunity to get caught up on all the dozens of photography assignments that came through in May and June, and start to think about changing this site’s look, and publish a few posts on the photography that’s happening now.

Here’s a recent image of writer and photographer Scott Sommerlatte, done in Port O’Connor, Texas, editorial photography for the website Scott’s a lot nicer than he looks here – I just liked the image composition and light balance.

Don’t Look Now!

dallas website build wordpress
Don’t look now, but there’s about to be a new theme found and installed here on this site. I know, that is exciting news isn’t it!

After a couple of years with this theme, I think the winds of change are blowing over it right now. The biggest problem I see with this design is not nearly enough showcase on the landing page – meaning I need more images to look at, at once, and more places to go to.

It may take awhile, but you can count on something smashing in the end.

Meanwhile, you may not have seen the redesign I did at That site is enjoying widespread enthusiasm and heavy traffic based on volumes of content over the years. And yes, sometimes fly fishing does get in the way of maintaining this site, but that change is also in the air. It’s pretty tough to update with posts here right now, as I am in very deep with my university photography at TWU. Seventeen years completed now for TWU, Texas Woman’s University, and I have certainly seen a lot of changes in those years. Amazing.

Back From North Carolina Photo Shoot

dallas corporate photographer factory photography

I had a good shoot in North Carolina, and of course made time for some fun as well. It’s hard not to have fun in North Carolina near Asheville. The factory was pretty interesting, as it had machinery from the turn of the century, right beside brand new machines – all turning out copper for other factories to use in their processes. Fire, smoke and molten metal were all a part of the process, and it’s one that we were really turned loose to document for several of the different needs the company has on its agenda.

One of the cleaning processes used to finish this product.

Some of the copper is pure, like these rolls.

North Carolina Bound

North Carolina Factory Photography

You never know. I leave tomorrow to do a shoot in a factory in Shelby, North Carolina. It’s a gear heavy shoot, so I am driving there! It just so happens Shelby is not too far from Asheville, NC, and that’s a place I’ve wanted to see for quite some time. We will have to see if I can get away and make that happen.

Needless to say, the trip out should be scenic, and weather appears to be cooperating.

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+Shannon Drawe

Happy New Year 2013!

dallas corporate photographer
It looks like 2013 will be a busy year for my magazine photography, and I am planning on delving, or diving into some underwater photography for different magazines beginning this spring.

When it comes to interesting perspectives on underwater and fishing photography, there’s been a major move in that direction since the advent of affordable housings for cameras – from the most expensive to the cheapest cameras imaginable.

Photo Galleries are getting updated here, and I am always looking for new challenges for video projects. I went ahead and created a “VIDEO” page to highlight my DSLR Video work, which is still in its infancy. I have been dabbling in video for about ten years now, and find the whole format extremely practical and interesting with the surge in DSLR video used in movies and commercials.

My initial tests of my D800 show it to be quite capable for video, and as long as the audio is also given attention (professional external mics), the final product looks good.

TWU Gymnastics Video – DSLR Style

sports videographer dallas

TWU Soccer in Pink

dallas sports photographer
Texas WomanUniversity Soccer Photography
Here’s how I see women’s collegiate soccer.

Magazine Inside Outtake

houston magazine photographer
Outtake - Texas CEO Magazine
There’s nothing like having access to photograph top executives who have had the wisdom and experience necessary to succeed in the US economy. This image is an outtake from a shoot for Texas CEO Magazine last week. I have a couple of covers to scan and post from Texas CEO and TWU publications in the coming days and weeks.

New Work in the Photo World

Along with a new camera comes the DSLR video capability, so don’t be surprised to see videos now in the “news” portion of the Shannon Drawe Photography site.

I’ve got some magazine covers to post, as well as the new publications at TWU that are using my photography.

Stay tuned …

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Now For Something Brand New (or Some New Branding)

Step back in time Lowbrow’s Pilot Point Texas

Discussing events with Bob at Lowbrows
Talking with Bob at Lowbrow’s in Pilot Point, Texas, last night.

One thing lead to another at Lowbrow’s in Pilot Point, Texas, and now I am involved with creating and promoting two events for the most authentic saloon still standing. We are looking at creating the first ever “Lowbrow’s Octoberfest” in October, and a fishing tournament next spring. Lowbrows is close to one of the best kept secrets in North Texas – Lake Ray Roberts.

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