VIDEO – McCombs School of Business

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McCombs School of Business

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You Never Know When You’ll Find a Photogenic

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Corporate party pictures are in high demand this time of year, and while it can seem a lot like factory photography to many photographers, and drudgery to others — I still like the happy people – happy times that go with holiday and celebration. And sometimes a photogenic person bubbles to the surface, above hundreds of others.

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VIDEO – McCombs School of Business Video 2

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This is a video for the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas Austin. While the visual subject matter is pretty straight forward, the information in this series of videos is extremely prescient. Sound and lighting can always be a challenge in venues unaccustomed to the needs of videography, Continue reading »

NEW VIDEO – Richard Davis Sculpture – Foundry Processes

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dallas dslr videographer texas

Finally finished production on a new video for The beginning just lent itself to being a black-and-white segment, and the audio on the furnace and production work seems to work nicely in the background of the spoken audio. The foundry process is incredibly loud and dramatic, so balancing things out took a little while.

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Tetra Pak Relocating US Headquarters from Chicago to Denton Texas

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Tetra Pak Chicago headquarters moves to Denton Texas


I was at the Denton, Texas, Tetra Pak plant today doing a charity shoot for local publication in the Denton Benefit League Tabloid, when I noticed some construction going on up front in the parking lot. As a journalist, I am always asking questions and I found out that the construction was actually demolition, and that Tetra Pak is building a new office area in preparation for the relocation of Chicago headquarters to Denton, Texas.

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Many Rivers To Cross and Backtrack to Photojournalism – Friday Night Lights

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Newspaper football photography 2013

I got a call yesterday evening from the local newspaper, the Denton Record Chronicle, to see if I was available to go shoot some Friday night Texas football. As much as I wanted not to, I finally couldn’t resist the pull of checking my pulse, my speed on the trigger finger, and overall conditioning. Many of these tests came as a surprise actually – overall conditioning, for the way I shoot football, is very important.
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Music To My Ears

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orchestra photography shannon drawe photography
I was called on to photograph the TWU orchestra last week, and a few images came of that. The first in the series is the conductor, who was extremely cooperative, and has quite a personality to go with the intensity – opposite of intense actually.

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Tadd Meyers at Photographs Do Not Bend Opens November 14

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Photographs Do Not Bend is having a book signing event at their Dragon Street Gallery November 14 from 5-9pm for Tadd Myers book “Portraits of the American Craftsman. I took note of this book, and Tadd’s work awhile back, first because it is published by Lyons Press (a big time fly fishing book publisher), and second because it is so rare to see photography categorized as “Art” that is images of living people.

So many of today’s photography art instructors, at the accredited university level, are deathly afraid of photographing people, and they react viscerally to the subject. I used to think I could set them straight, but why bother? University photography education may not provide me with viable freelance assistants, but it also provides a great deal of job security.

It’s refreshing to see images of people in their environment, especially craftsmen working their craft.

1202 Dragon St.
Dallas, TX 75207
P. 214.969.1852

Houston Photography

houston corporate photographer

I am headed for Houston, Texas, later this week to do some more photography for Texas CEO Magazine. This Thursday evening finds me in one of the Federal buildings in Houston.

Then, it’s back to Edom, Texas, for some leisurely work for Cimarrona. Never a dull moment!

I am still making progress on the redesign of this site, and hope you will keep your eyes open for new photography that appears here every week. I am dragging content, that’s been holding for the new site, from every crevice, and it should appear in a post just before it goes live on the site.

The Slow Site Build – More Magazine Photography; Texas CEO – Half Price Books

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Magazine photography half price books sharon anderson

As I dig through the photography archives, I am pleasantly surprised by the breadth of work that I am able to do for Texas CEO magazine. It is a great relationship with the owner/publisher at Texas CEO, and it’s not unusual that we are thinking the same thing at the same time. That’s what you get when you spend years working together in situations from Houston to Dallas, and places in between.