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Industrial Photography for ACT Parts

On 17, Feb 2015 | No Comments | In Commercial Photography | By Shannon

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industrial parts photography engine rebuild kit

A few parts were needing to be photographed for ACT Parts at their warehouse in Dallas, Texas. This is one sample of the industrial work I do for companies – on small and large scale. The inner landscape of warehouses, and how they work, fascinates me, but it all comes down to the smallest parts on all those shelves.
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Texas Roadside Photographs

magazine photographer texas roadside attractions #texasphotographer #texasart
No matter where you go in Texas, there’s always something to see.
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Product Photography for Cimarrona

On 19, Aug 2014 | No Comments | In Product Photography | By Shannon

#dallasphotographer #productphotographer dallas product photography fashion photography catalog
#dallascatalogphotographer #photographer #dallasstudiophotographer

I do work for a fashion company on occasion, and they’re getting ready for the fall season with new advertising photography. This image is for a publication that Cimarrona advertises in on a regular basis.
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Studio Photography for Fly Fishing Blog

#dallasphotographer #productphotographer dallas outdoor product photography fashion photography catalog
#productphotogapher #dallasphotographer
Here’s an image done for a review of Simms new Vapor wading boots. Simms makes top-of-the-line fishing and fly fishing gear.
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Lab Work Continues at TWU

science photography lab photography chemistry class photographs #dallasphotographer #universityphotographer
#dallasphotographer #medicalphotography university chemistry lab
Lab work continues for the fall campaign at Texas Women’s University on the Denton Campus. The intensity of the work these students do means they quickly lose track of me photographing them, and that makes for some great candid photographs.

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Lab Time at Nutrition Science TWU

On 16, Jul 2014 | One Comment | In higher education | By Shannon

science photography lab photography chemistry class photographs #dallasphotographer #universityphotographer
TWU Nutrition Lab.

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More Post Cards From the Neighborhood

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Sports Photographer dallas houston sports photo
Images are rolling out fast and furious, as TWU ramps up their needs of my photography on location. This should last a little while longer.
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