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TWU Keeping Busy

On 12, Jun 2010 | No Comments | In higher education | By Shannon

university photography for TWU

Texas Woman’s University, here in Denton, Texas, is once again working to update their photography, and the challenges this time of year are unique to this part of the US. WEATHER is a constant factor as temperature and humidity combine daily to take “feels like” temperatures into the lower 100’s.

+Shannon Drawe


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University Photography – Client TWU

On 03, Jun 2010 | No Comments | In higher education | By Shannon

dallas marketing photography and public relations

Texas Woman’s University is back in the swing while the summer months make for easier access to locations and models for shoots. This was for their promotional materials and in what will soon be the old Fitness & Recreation location for TWU. The new building is well underway.

+Shannon Drawe

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In stock

By Shannon

Stock Images From Past Weekend

On 17, May 2010 | No Comments | In stock | By Shannon

New Texas Stock Photography

As luck would have it, I was in one place doing one thing, and ended up doing something entirely different. Love the location and the old boat dock. There will be a series to follow sometime in the future, but really want to get back to this place to do some winter work.

+Shannon Drawe


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New Image From UNT College of Education Shoot

On 14, May 2010 | No Comments | In Site Design | By Shannon

New photography gallery

College of Education Poster Series in House

Just added a new image from a shoot for the University of North Texas College of Education. I had plenty of cooperation on this one, and the image is fully released for stock photography as well.

+Shannon Drawe

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Site Taking Shape

On 13, May 2010 | No Comments | In Site Design | By Shannon

dallas commercial photographer houston
It doesn’t look too much unlike the previous site, but it is much easier to manage and move images around. There are shortfalls – not much in the way of “whizz-bang” effects or bells and whistles, but it gets to the point with little fanfare. Enjoy and feel free to put through the paces.

+Shannon Drawe

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Putting Flesh on the Bones

On 30, Apr 2010 | No Comments | In Corporate, Site Design | By Shannon

New design website taking shape

It has been about 24 hours since the site went under the knife, and although I “like” the wordpress theme, there’s absolutely nothing intuitive about how the slideshows appear in the actual site. So, I am tinkering with the slideshows trying to get them to line up and work well at the same time.

Eventually I will have to go in and replace most of the images with larger ones – just because they look and work so well.

+Shannon Drawe

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Shannon Drawe Photography

On 29, Apr 2010 | No Comments | In Uncategorized | By Shannon

Hello and welcome to the new Shannon Drawe Photography web site.

I am working furiously behind the scenes to bring an entire new look to Shannon Drawe Photography – the place for your corporate, advertising and editorial photography needs. Check back every few hours and watch the site develop.

+Shannon Drawe

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