Richard Davis Video

DSLR Video for Richard Davis Sculpture

The balancing act between video and still photography teeters from time-to-time. Here is a rough video for a well known local artist Richard Davis. He invited me into his studio, on Lake Kiowa, Texas, to watch his creative process, and talk about how he works. This is the first of two parts leading up to his opening at a gallery in Saint Jo, Texas, this month.

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McKittrick Manuscript and Images go to Press

McKittrick Canyon Texas trout story

The edit looked slight on my McKittrick Canyon manuscript, and we all like when that happens. It’s kind of like working for a newspaper and a great image runs as is, and large – no bloody crops! A few more images are showing themselves to me as I back through them to satisfy requests.

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Editorial Trip to McKittrick Canyon in the Guadalupe Mountains

Documenting the naturally occurring texas rainbow trout of McKittrick Canyon

I made a recent journey to the Guadalupe Mountains to photograph and write about some multi-agency research being done on trout inhabiting the creek in McKittrick Canyon. It wasn’t high drama, but it did deliver some blisters to my tender feet. Sometimes writing and photography can open a few more doors that otherwise would be closed. After talking to the CEO of Trout Unlimited, that door may well be open.

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In The Studio With Richard Davis

DSLR videography plus website and photography for Richard Davis Sculpture

I have been working on an ongoing project with Texas sculptor Richard Davis, at his studio in North Texas, and images plus video are starting to pour forth for his web site and in behalf of his new show opening next month in the tiny town of Saint Jo, Texas. His site is one I built for him on the wordpress platform and it is already working quite well. Be sure to check it often for my updates.

Here are a couple of images from the studio over the past two days, and videos with both still and video images should be out in about ten days.

+Shannon Drawe

Nothing Quite Like The Dallas Skyline

Dallas skyline and architecture photography

Photograph of the Dallas Texas Skyline in Winter of 2011
A bluebird clear sky and nice layer of air pollution put a golden hue on this perspective (atop a 20-story building).

+Shannon Drawe

Nothing Like a Good Lighting Challenge

Dallas medical photography settings for TWU in Dallas, Texas

The opening of TWU’s new building in the Dallas medical district area provided an interesting challenge for lighting and composition. The color schemes and architecture is thoroughly modern, and much more open and airy than buildings you would find on campus.

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Mosaic Gets a Head(shot)

Dallas in-house stock photography for businesses is very economical and original photography

One long term client that has been quite friendly over the years is Mosaic in the Las Colinas – Irving area of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Apparently their headquarters in Canada is updating the site, and needed new headshots of the top execs. for that update. It took a few days to wrangle everyone, and included treks through typical Texas winter weather, but we finally got this one done.

+Shannon Drawe

Never Slow Down

Factory Photography and Magazine work for Texas CEO

Plenty of work to do and done. There’s more for United Copper of Denton, Texas, and some web site design work as well.
Texas CEO Magazine called again, and last week I did a shoot of author Shama at her publisher’s office in Dallas, Texas. Her book about social networking, “The Zen of Social Media Marketing,” really hits the nail on the head, and reinforces all the practices I have put into place for sites like this one. Yes, Shama, I will work on my linkedin presence! It is reassuring to know you’re doing just about everything right when it comes to web presence.

The new site for Richard Davis Sculpture was approved and is at , and once we get new content from the studio located on Lake Kiowa, Texas, replace the old images, and get the owner to contribute content in an ongoing way, this site will be a showcase for UNT Professor and Artist Richard Davis. Right now, Richard is doing some painting, and I can’t wait to document the new work.

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Anderson Merchandising Denton Texas

Industrial Photography for Anderson Merchandising in Denton, Texas.

Anderson Merchandising

Corporate Photography Denton Texas Denton Commercial Photography

Some nice images for Anderson Merchandising here in Denton, Texas. They were, of course, very happy with the results, and this group will end up in the site eventually – after things slow down a bit.

+Shannon Drawe

Headshots with a Twist

musician headshots for professionals

One of the services I have been getting more demand for is headshots. The thing is, I just can’t do it “normal.” Thank goodness people who seek out my services aren’t looking for normal!

Heidi Dietrich Klein is an extremely talented vocalist, voice coach and teacher in Denton, Texas. Sometimes it takes artists to appreciate artists.

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