Veteran’s Day 11-11-11

Once in Forever Veteran’s Day 11-11-11

There will be a lot of noise and a lot of people on the Square in Downtown Denton, Texas, tomorrow. I was talking to a local businessman and Vietnam veteran yesterday, on the location of another shoot related to 11-11, and he said there’ll be a Huey fly over. So that unmistakeable thump will just add to the feelings running through the dense crowds expected to converge on the Square.

I will be working there as well, and it will be great to be back in circulation with that crowd – doing my thing.
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Texas CEO Magazine and More

CEO Photographer Texas

Whether or not Americans feel good about themselves, and the economy, at least business is showing an upturn for me. I have done back to back covers for Texas CEO Magazine, with one yet to come out this year.

At TWU, things still seem to be clicking along, with some interesting assignments, and more to come as fall really kicks into high gear.

I’ll be shooting some fashion – “lifestyle-ish” for a company I really like – Howler Brothers out of Austin, Texas. They have hit a spot in the clothing industry that I believe will prove to be pure gold for them. Look for some images to appear here in future posts. The locations are set, but I am still trying to add to my stable of models.

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Fall Falling Into Line

Howler Brothers photography early days

Heading into fall here in Texas, and although we are in the throes of a historic drought, the cooling off has begun. The drought may be here to stay awhile though, apparently La Nina is back for another round, and that makes for essentially a full year of her presence here.

Working on getting some clothes in from the Howler Brothers to test shoot for them – and hope the like my take on their style. I will be looking for young outdoors types, mostly guys, on campus UNT and around Denton. Send pictures if you are interested. Stylistically, we are looking for people who look somewhat like the people on the Howler Brothers site … a little bit Abercrombie but with dirty finger nails … folks not afraid to spend a week in a tent.

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Summer Draws to an End in North Texas

Summer Denton 2011 will go down in history as, at minimum, the second hottest summer in recorded history.

As Yogi Berra said, “It aint’ over ’till it’s over,” and the fat lady hasn’t died of heatstroke just yet.
There are signs though. The students of UNT and TWU are back in Denton, Texas, driving the wrong way down the streets, and generally getting to know the quirky little big town of Denton. It’ll take some getting used to – for them. Us, we’re already used to it; we pull our seat belts a little snugger, and run about ten-miles-per-hour slower to lessen the impacts. It’s all good though. As one long gone wise old man once said, “Denton wouldn’t have made a town except for those universities!” Well, it may not have made a town, if you consider a transient population of 48-thousand students significant. I do.

So it’s back to work for TWU, and back to work for the business community of Denton – those with the wisdom to know the difference between a professional and not. It’s a hard place, but this is where we live, and survive.

Look for some fresh work to be coming down the way here in the next few weeks, and perhaps some new clients as well.

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University Photography for TWU – Done a Bit Differently

university library photographs for TWU

Sometimes you have to just say, what the heck, and see what a little image manipulation does for the product. I am still looking for the cutting edge for TWU, but this kind of image processing is fairly easy, and does generate more of a theme to their campaigns.

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TWU Fall Campaign Underway

University photography makes me sentimental

School may be out, but we’re just getting started at Texas Woman’s University here in Denton, Texas. We have a few more shoots on the calendar already, and if we can get the weather to cooperate (it seems we are having a late spring around here), then there will be several new images to add to my “Higher Education” portfolio.

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Redonk Does In House

In house photography for the house of Redonk

It was a good session today at Redonk Marketing in Plano today. We were getting some images of staff to enhance their site. I have been experimenting with tones for awhile, and this is one I use quite often.

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Back and Forth

In House stock photo shoot for Mosaic Design

Headed back to Mosaic this morning for more new shots for their website updates. Then, it’s a scouting mission at Texas Woman’s University for a couple of shoots coming this week.

Glad the Richard Davis Sculpture site is flying along, and that show is off the ground at the Main Street Gallery in Saint Jo, Texas. It is a great feeling to create websites like the one I did for Richard Davis, and have it all go so well, and bring him to the top of all searches for his work. Time to go fishing with Richard now that that’s done! You can see I have added a page for websites I have created on this site – Website Creation is that page.

It’s hard to go wrong with the wordpress underpinnings, and I create sites that are simple, highly visible and of course – capable of being turned over to the client for their own best use.


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TWU on the way to the NCAA Basketball Tournament

TWU had a first ever sendoff for their women’s basketball team yesterday. They’re headed to March Madness, in Talequah, Oklahoma, so it may not get that mad. It was their first time, but probably not their last.
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Richard Davis Video – 2

In the Studio with Richard Davis Sculpture

Whether or not it ranks high, it’s a very accurate representation of what Richard Davis does when he’s thinking and creating. The sculptures are already much further along, and when I talked to him this morning the clear coats were drying.

The videos are in support of the web site I created for him at

There’s going to be some images – stills – from his studio before the pieces leave for the gallery. Meanwhile, TWU’s Pioneer basketball team is headed for the tournament today, and I’ll be there for the sendoff.



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