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Hiring a Professional Photographer

At first glance, it has never been so easy to hire a pro photographer – especially in a small city like Denton, Texas.

The truth is there really aren’t that many professional photographers still standing – in Denton, Dallas or the DFW Metroplex. There ARE a lot of people with digital cameras who call themselves professional photographers, but what really is the definition of a “professional photographer” today.

A professional photographer has a few things that separate them from those who call themselves professional photographers. Originally, a professional photographer had at least one of the following assets that qualified them for the profession:

  • An Education
  • Experience
  • Talent
  • Skills

Now? All that is required is a camera, and … well, not much else. If that is satisfactory for you, you should stop reading now.

So how do YOU KNOW who it is you are looking at hiring to represent your brand, your company, your startup, your small business, your dream or vision?

  • LOOK – at a photographer’s work, the work you find here
  • READ – who is the person behind the camera?
  • TALK – talk to the photographer! Speak about your needs, and listen for the┬áresponses that come with experience.

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Images Selected for Thin Line Film Festival Photography

On 25, Apr 2017 | No Comments | In Commercial Photography | By Shannon

Thin Line Selects Four Images from “Kill Your Television” series

Thin Line Photography Selection
It was a great weekend to be out and about in Denton, and seeing the photography selected this year for Denton’s growing Thin Line Film Fest. Read more…

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Happy New Year 2017! Change and Progress Gains Speed

On 02, Jan 2017 | No Comments | In Art Photography | By Shannon

New Photography added in 2017 to Shannon Drawe Photography

Shannon Art Photography

The galleries are coming together now. As I said, the art images will be for sale here – probably sometime in February. Meanwhile, I am about to prepare some images from a group I shot awhile back, the “Blurs.” Read more…

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Ready Set GO – More From Previous Portfolios – Tent Rocks New Mexico

Tent Rocks New Mexico Shannon Drawe Photo


Along with the move to consolidate the two websites – moving (est. 1993) to, I will be taking the necessary steps at SHANNONDRAWE.COM to enable purchase of prints from this website. It may be another Pandora’s Box of hacking problems, but we have to give it a try, don’t we?

Read more…

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The Gallery Move Continues – More From Tent Rocks New Mexico

tent rocks new mexico #art #photographer #texasphotographer

New Mexico Photography Tent Rocks

I am enjoying the transition of the websites – when I have time during this crazy time of year. The Tent Rocks images will probably be integrated into a larger “Landscape Gallery” as this integration continues.

Click MORE to see a larger image! Read more…

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TPWD Magazine Cover

TPWD Magazine photogapher

TPWD Magazine Photographs

Well, if I could not get an image in the Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine’s cover story on Lake Ray Roberts, Texas, I figured I have a problem. Fortunately, they used one of my images on the cover and one on inside pages. The rest came from a TPWD staffer, which makes sense on a financial level.

Read more…

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