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To say I have embraced diversity in my life and work, should be pretty obvious to you by now. All you need to do is look at all the different types of photography I have done throughout my life. I say “life,” and not “career,” because photography is a life for me, my life for life. Careers are mostly what I think of when I see people who have safety, security, and a sense of themselves outside their work. They can walk away and come back to it. Photography has been in my life so long now … through a lot of living … that I can’t imagine living without it. If it were all about the money, or an “easy living,” I would have been gone long ago.

Fortunately for me, I have been supported in this life, and especially in the last sixteen years, by someone who loves me and believes in my vision, or visions. The double zeros, the 2000’s, saw a lot of photographers swept away. Talent, drive, creativity and careers evaporated overnight. Marriages, businesses, studios and material goods washed out to sea never to return. Not even a vacuum, not a trace, was left behind. It was a perfect storm that had nothing to do with a “bubble” of too many photographers, or simple supply and demand. Books are yet to be written about what has happened to our photography industry, the seismic shift and digital storm that changed photography forever.

In the old days, this is where I would tell you about my 30 years in photography, my education, my client list, perhaps “that vision thing,” as well as any other words I could think of to entice you into contacting me. No more. If you want to know about my background, please look at my photography. The images from the beginning lead to the images I make now – digital, now digital video and whatever comes next. I’m ready.

Nowadays, my photographic life goals are simple; establish lasting relationships that maximize my creativity while giving you the images you need on an ongoing basis. You need to know you can go to me anytime to get the job done, and remember that no relationship is too big or too small.

Your first step in our new relationship – consider the work you see here. My work is constantly changing and becoming even more diverse, so be sure and look at the blog entries as well for the latest photographic life adventures. Now, no matter your budget, size or location – take that next step and CONTACT me. It’s a simple thing that can lead to fulfilling your immediate imaging needs, and a lasting relationship that you can rely on for future photography needs – no matter how those needs change and evolve.